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No, we do not currently offer plant tours.

We don’t just harvest cucumbers and put them into jars, we endeavor to create a memorable experience for the consumer every time they reach for our brand. We want the Best Maid flavor and crunch to be eagerly expected and anticipated every single bite.

We use a wide variety of seasonings and spices such as red pepper, garlic, chopped onion, sugar, turmeric, high fructose corn syrup, and modified food starch, catsup, eggs, and oils in our dressing and sauce products.

Yes. To maintain freshness and crispness you should always refrigerate any pickle or dressing products after opening. We also recommend that you chill before the first serving.

We fresh pack year-round, as our geographic proximity to the southern border allows us the opportunity to source cucumbers during winter.

From seed to harvest the cucumber crop takes about 6-7 weeks. We typically harvest our crop from mid July thru September. And it isn’t unusual for us to harvest over 30 million pounds of cucumbers during those 3 months.

Yes. We grow the majority of our cucumbers in West Texas where we contract with growers every season. Soil, moisture, and location all have crucial effects on developing a crisp pickling cucumber, and the West Texas location offers the perfect environment for growing and harvesting only the finest quality cucumbers.

Kosher means approved as a Jewish Kosher Product, or more popularly just that the product has garlic added as a flavoring.

We normally use our inventory within 3-6 months of curing, but with proper salimeter maintenance these pickles can last for up to 2 years without any quality problems.

We offer the foodservice trade this item in several flavors, but because it is so perishable we do not offer it to the retail grocery trade.

The difference is that Fresh Pack Pickles are preserved by pasteurization, whereas Refrigerated Pickles are preserved by refrigeration. Refrigerated Pickles also have a much shorter shelf-life than either Processed or Fresh Pack Pickles.

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