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Del-Dixi Pickle Co.

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A South Texas Legacy

Del-Dixi Pickles was acquired by Best Maid in the early 1960’s and proved to be a good business move for gaining Texas market share.  Since the flavor profiles of both Best Maid and Del-Dixi were similar, the transition was flawless. Smiley was also added as Mascot to the original Del-Dixi label in the 1980s and remains front and center today!  Del-Dixi represents the #1 pickle in South Texas and is sold at ever major grocery chain in that region.

  • Pickle Joke #10

    Why did the cucumber need a lawyer?

    Because it was in a pickle!
  • Pickle Joke #9

    What's red and green and guides Santa's sleigh?

    Rudolph the red nosed pickle!
  • Pickle Joke #8

    How do you prepare a Pickle Sundae?

    You start getting it ready on saturDAE!
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