The Best Maid Pickle Tank Yard

Ever wonder how a cucumber becomes a Best Maid Pickle? Come see how the cucumbers we grow are transformed at the Pickle Tank Yard!

1 thought on “The Best Maid Pickle Tank Yard

  1. I was wondering if Best Maid has decreased their production during this quarantine time. I’ve always been a big fan of Best Maid, especially regular dill pickles. My new favorite are the sliced pickles made with sea salt. I now have been to three stores, two Krogers and one Walmart and none of the stores have the sea salt slices. I have noticed these pickles have a fresher taste, and I can still taste the cucumber a little bit. My grandkids are all big Best Maid fans. I know it sounds weird but we photograph some of the pickle slices because we find heart shaped and sometimes faces in the slices, with two little eyes and a hole for the mouth. Obviously we are big fans and I wanted to thank you for making great pickles. We are especially proud that Best Maid is a Texas pickle!

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