Kosher Spears 24 oz 4 Pack


Kosher Spears 4 Pack – Kosher = GARLIC! Satisfy your craving for a crunchy snack with our Best Maid Pickles Kosher Spears 4-Pack. Never run out of delicious Kosher Dill flavor at your next cookout. Perfect as a topping or by themselves, these Kosher Spears are sure to please. Every spear has the Kosher bite you love – add them whole to hot dogs, or lay them next to your favorite burgers or sandwiches. Complete your perfect meal with three simple ingredients – sandwich, chips, and Best Maids Kosher Spears. Grab your 4-Pack because you know they won’t last long.

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Kosher Spears 4 Pack – What is the secret to our Best Maid Pickles Kosher Spears? GARLIC! Enjoy the pleasing Kosher flavor and crunch you want in a handy 4-pack. Make your backyard barbecues fantastic with the perfect taste of Best Maid Pickles Kosher Spears. Think outside the mustard and relish when topping your Chicago-style hot dog. Lay a couple of whole Kosher Spears on your dog, and you eat something magical. Do you have sliced or chopped brisket on your barbecue menu? Present the perfect Texas barbecue sandwich by adding these Kosher Spears with a few rings of sliced onion. On top or on the side, you can’t rival the fantastic flavor with anything else. Your next perfect meal only needs three simple ingredients – a sandwich, some chips, and Best Maid Pickles Kosher Spears. Best of all, if you are feeling snacky, these spears hit the spot. Grab a cup, plate or a bowl and enjoy a few Kosher Spears. They always give the crunch and Kosher bite you look for in a fabulous spear. Best Maid Pickles Kosher Spears are what your guests are looking for at your next cookout, so grab a delicious 4-pack or two.

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