Jalapeno Bread-N-Butters

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Jalapeño Bread-N-Butter Pickles 16oz.  Want a little more spice in your life? Enjoy a twist on a classic with our Jalapeño Bread-N-Butters pickle and Jalapeño slices. Bite into the perfect balance of sweet and sour with the fresh heat of Jalapeño. These slices are great toppings on your favorite foods or as a snack on their own. Our Jalapeño Bread-N-Butters will have you putting these slices on everything. Your sandwiches, burgers, and nachos will never be the same once you taste the sweet heat of these slices. Give your foods the sweet and sour heat they deserve.

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Jalapeño Bread-N-Butter pickles come in a sixteen ounce jar. Some toppings are tasty on their own. When you crave the sweet and sour flavor of a bread-n-butter pickle with the magical fire of a Jalapeño, there’s only one choice to make. Try our Best Maid Jalapeño Bread-N-Butters when your food needs an extra pop. Like all Best Maid Pickles, each slice gives a fantastic crunch, but you get something special in these jars. Put these pickle and Jalapeño slices on your favorite foods and enjoy them on a whole new level. Best of all, these Jalapeño Bread-N-Butters work anywhere you would add pickle or Jalapeño slices. Will they work on nachos? Absolutely! Can they bring the best out of your burger? You bet! Where can you picture adding Jalapeño Bread-N-Butters? Put these on the table at your next cookout, and your friends will love them. These aren’t just pickle slices with a Jalapeño bite. You get Jalapeño slices with a sweet and sour finish in the same jar. Make your Texas chili richer with these Jalapeño Bread-N-Butters slices and taste the difference. Sprinkle a combo of both types of slices and open a wonderland of flavor. Grab a tasty four-pack today!

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  1. Glenn

    A friend brought these back from Texas. Best Bread and Butter I ever had.

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