Food Safety

2021 SQF FS Certificate Best Maid Product

At Best Maid Products, we have a systematic approach to food safety, using a variety of programs and methods to keep our products safe and wholesome.

Our focus on food safety begins with the commitment of the Dalton family. This commitment is demonstrated through support for the Food Safety Coordinator reporting directly to the Technical Director of the company. This commitment and support provides for continuing day-to-day focus on food safety activities and priorities, assuring safe and wholesome Best Maid products for our customers.

Food safety for all of our products is built-in by design at the product development stage and continues through production, distribution, and consumer use.

We apply the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system in our production operations. This system uses careful analyses of key aspects of our manufacturing procedures to identify those controls that are critical to food safety. Based on those analyses, plans are developed, implemented, and continuously monitored to manage these critical elements.

The HACCP program is built upon a foundation of additional prerequisite food safety programs, which are audited and verified by nationally recognized food safety auditing firms. These programs include such things as:

  • employee hygiene
  • plant sanitation
  • food safety training
  • facilities and equipment maintenance
  • traceability and recall
  • allergenic ingredients control
  • food security