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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you sell your products?
A: We sell our products to retail chain grocery stores, food distributors, and restaurants.

Q: Are you still a family company?
A: Yes we are a 4th generation family business owned and managed by the founding Dalton family.

Q: I live in an area where your website says you have distribution, but I can’t find your product in my local grocery store. Why?
A: Stores try to carry an assortment of products at all times, so depending on the time of year or holiday season certain items may have stronger consumer demand and the store caters to this by changing the mix of products available for sale. If you can’t find Best Maid or Del-Dixi you need ask the store manager to request the brand in your area.

Q: Why don’t you sell your products in my state?
A: We sell our products to customers throughout the Southwest. If you are unable to find Best Maid or Del-Dixi you need ask the store manager in your area to request the brand as well as email us your requests.

Q: Can I buy your products on the internet or order them on the phone?
A: We have selected items available online that you can purchase.

Q: Are your Okra/Pickles gluten free?
A: Yes. We have a written statement from the manufacturer that the vinegar we use in our pickling process “…does not contain wheat gluten or any other protein.”

Q: You don’t offer my favorite flavor of pickles online. Can I special order directly from your factory?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to take special requests. We offer the most popular items online.

Q: Your prices online seem high to me. Why are the prices so high?
A: We realize the prices are higher than what you will find in a grocery store, but there are substantial costs involved in being able to make them available online.

Q: What is the difference between Best Maid and Del-Dixi Pickles?
A: There is no difference other than the label. We manufacture both brands in Fort Worth, TX with the same cucumbers, the same flavorings, and the same ingredients. We bought the Del-Dixi brand several decades ago, and consolidated flavor profiles while retaining the brand.

Q: How do I read your code date on your Pickles?
A: We use a Julian Date which refers to the numeric manufacture date. For example 1323 12:31 would mean the item was manufactured on the 132nd day of ’03 at 12:31pm.

Q: What are Fresh Pack Pickles?
A: Fresh Pack Pickles are fresh cucumbers that are harvested, washed, graded, and then rushed to the production floor where they are packed directly into containers, covered with flavorings, and pasteurized.

Q: What are Cured or Processed Pickles?
A: Processed Pickles are fresh cucumbers that have been harvested from the field, and placed into large storage tanks and covered with a salt brine solution. This solution effectively begins a fermentation process that cures the cucumber into a pickle. After the curing period these pickles are then sent to production where they are carefully desalted, washed, sorted, and packed with a dill, sour, or sweet brine flavor. These pickles are crisp and generally darker in color than Fresh Pack Pickles.

Q: What are Refrigerated(Overnight) Pickles?
A: Refrigerated(Overnight) Pickles are fresh cucumbers that are harvested, washed, graded, and then rushed to the production floor where they are packed directly into containers, covered with flavorings, and immediately refrigerated.

Q: What’s the difference between Fresh Pack and Refrigerated Pickles?
A: The difference is that Fresh Pack Pickles are preserved by pasteurization, whereas Refrigerated Pickles are preserved by refrigeration. Refrigerated Pickles also have a much shorter shelf-life than either Processed or Fresh Pack Pickles.

Q: Why doesn’t Best Maid or Del-Dixi pack an Overnight pickle?
A: We offer the foodservice trade this item in several flavors, but because it is so perishable we do not offer it to the retail grocery trade.

Q: How long can your Processed Pickles remain preserved in the salt brine solution?
A: We normally use our inventory within 3-6 months of curing, but with proper salimeter maintenance these pickles can last for up to 2 years without any quality problems.

Q: What does “Kosher” mean?
A: Kosher means approved as a Jewish Kosher Product, or more popularly just that the product has garlic added as a flavoring.

Q: Do you grow your own cucumbers?
A: Yes. We grow the majority of our cucumbers in West Texas where we contract with growers every season. Soil, moisture, and location all have crucial effects on developing a crisp pickling cucumber, and the West Texas location offers the perfect environment for growing and harvesting only the finest quality cucumbers.

Q: How long does growing season last in West Texas?
A: From seed to harvest the cucumber crop takes about 6-7 weeks. We typically harvest our crop from Mid July thru September. And it isn’t unusual for us to harvest over 30 million pounds of cucumbers during those 3 months.

Q: Since your growing season is so short does that mean you store up your Fresh Pack inventory for the next 12 months during the summer?
A: No. We do fresh-pack a lot during the summer, but we also fresh-pack during the winter as well. Our close proximity to the Mexico border allows us to contract with Mexican growers during the winter months to bring us fresh cucumbers. We truck these to our plant in Ft. Worth, Texas and offer truly “fresh” Fresh Pack Pickles year round.

Q: Should I refrigerate your products?
A: Yes. To maintain freshness and crispness you should always refrigerate any pickle or dressing products after opening. We also recommend that you chill before the first serving.

Q: What flavorings do you use on your products?
A: We use a wide variety of seasonings and spices such as red pepper, garlic, chopped onion, sugar, turmeric, high fructose corn syrup, and modified food starch, catsup, eggs, and oils in our dressing and sauce products.

Q: Why are your pickles so much better than all the other brands?
A: Our pickles are better because our flavor profile is unique, and based on family recipes over 75 years old. We don’t just harvest cucumbers, and stick them in jars. We really try to make a quality product.

Q: What is the name of the little girl’s face on your labels?
A: The little girl’s name is SMILEY.

Q: I love your Best Maid BBQ Sauce!
A: We do too! It’s one of our best selling items!

Q: Do you offer plant tours?
A: We do not offer plant tours.